Where do we go from here?

Joy Allcock

The structure of the Literacy Project has changed for the second year which began in July 2015.

Most of the comparison schools have joined the trial which means that the number of classrooms using the approach being trialled has increased from the original 28 Year 1 classrooms in 17 schools, to 114 year 1 and 2 classrooms in 28 schools. 

The number of children in classrooms in this project where the 'Sounds Like Fun' approach is being used is now more than 2,600.

This presents some challenges as you can read in the latest report on the project which gives an overview of the project and sets out the challenges that lie ahead. Shine_Project_Overview_2015

The results speak for themselves. The research clearly shows the statistical significance of the improvements in literacy levels. The commitment from our teachers has been, and continues to be, inspiring. The far-reaching consequences that these improvements in literacy will present for all our children are enormous. 

Could you help? Introducing sustainable practices to complete the research requires constant funding. This Project must not be allowed to falter for lack of funds. Anything you can contribute will help and our Give a Little site is always available.

Where do we go from here?

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