On 1 September 2015 the assessment results from the first year of the Shine literacy project were presented at a function held at Whitireia Polytechnic. You can read the report of these results here.

The presentation was recorded and has been broken into the following short video clips. If the video does not show immediately, click the 'refresh' button (circle with an arrow) on the left of the top task bar.

Clip 1: Mayor Nick Leggett's opening remarks
Clip 2: Joy Allcock explaining the Sounds Like Fun approach
Clip 3: Research design
Clip 4: Professor Chapman discussing the characteristics of the research group
Clip 5: Professor James Chapman describing the typical achievement profiles of children in New Zealand
Clip 6: Vocabulary knowledge
Clip 7: Letter name knowledge
Clip 8: Letter sound knowledge
Clip 9: Recording sounds
Clip 10: Phonological awareness
Clip 11: Reading skills
Clip 12: Spelling skills
Clip 13: Writing skills
Clip 14: Mispronunciation task
Clip 15: Tables of results explained
Clip 16: Teachers share their stories
Clip 17: Shine's vision for the way forward



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