The second phase of the Shine Literacy initiative was confirmed on Friday, 24 February 2017. About 3,000 children will be involved in the initiative this year.

Representatives from the participating schools met and:

  • Reviewed the results of Phase One reported at the end of 2016
  • Defined the priorities for professional learning and development (PLD) through 2017
  • Designed a programme of teacher-led PLD for Year 1-3 teachers and Lead Teachers
  • Considered a core set of assessments to guide teaching practice – the final selection will be made by Lead Teachers on 16 March
  • Agreed to share and analyse the data generated by the assessments using Beagle, a tool that is being adapted to support the Shine initiative - the funds required to include all participating schools during 2017 have been provided by Plimmerton Rotary.  (All personal identifying information will be removed from the pooled data. The purpose of the data is to improve learning opportunities for children. Its use is controlled by the participating schools and the initiative does not assess schools or teachers.)
  • Received, or placed final orders for, classroom resources.

Matters still under discussion include:

  • Supporting peer group learning and school-to-school contact by appointing a Coordinator in partnership with the Todd Foundation
  • Extending the initiative to Early Childhood Education in partnership with the Wright Foundation
  • Seeking a constructive relationship with the Ministry of Education.

Literacy Project enters second phase

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